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Balanced Living Asia

Balanced Living was born in 2006, arising from Dana Heather’s passion to empower people about their own health, making information and the best health products available to people from around the globe. Health is a personal choice and responsibility; and Dana wanted to ensure that people would have all they needed at their reach, to take care of their body and soul, to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

At first, the Company was running out of the founder’s residence, but as the demands for the products, lectures and consultations grew, the Company could no longer operate from its premises. At that point, it was also clear, that Singapore would benefit from a wellness and holistic “hub”, and more components, could be incorporated to the Company, to fulfill Dana’s mission.

In October 2011, Balanced Living opened the doors of a brand new urban wellness centre, in it’s current location, offering healthy food, top quality natural health products, healthy cooking classes, lectures on holistic health, Detox Programs and access to an experienced natural health practitioner.