Come and experience Singapore’s best healthy and raw food café bursting with flavour and tastes far superior to conventionally prepared foods.We promise your experience with us will leave you leave feeling satisfied, rejuvenated, light and energetic.

At The Living Cafe we are constantly striving to create and provide genuinely healthy food and drink that is truly tasty, affordable, and accessible to everyone. We use specially selected and sourced organic ingredients where possible and thoughtfully combine them to achieve optimum flavour for our healthy raw food café. We want every visitor to be introduced to a recipe full of energy and vitality. 

 Started by Dana Heather, Master Nutritionist in 2011 as part of the Balanced Living wellness centre, the café utilises cutting edge nutrition research, ancient wisdom, and international food and nutrition experts to bring you truly healthy and inspiring fare. 

 Raw Food is at the heart of our menu, we are very grateful to Elaina Love (Chef/Owner at the renowned Pure Joy Planet) for working with Dana Heather to help and inspire the many raw food recipes on our menu. We are also indebted to Manuela Scallini for her work in training our chefs in the art of raw food. 

 At The Living Cafe we use no red meat, no cow dairy, no white sugar, no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colouring and include gluten free alternatives on our menu.