Raw food is at the heart of our menu


Raw food generally refers to a vegan diet that goes beyond just steering clear of animal products. There’s no cooking in the traditional sense (in that nothing is heated above approximately 118 degrees Fahrenheit), and ingredients are not chemically processed, pasteurized, homogenized, genetically modified, hybridized, or otherwise compromised. 

What’s so revolutionary about eating only plant foods that grow naturally from the earth and are fed by sunlight?  What’s so crazy about eating plant foods that haven’t been sautéed, boiled, roasted, flame-broiled, grilled over flaming coals, fried in sizzling-hot oil, zapped in a microwave, or otherwise manipulated into a state of altered molecular structure? 

 The basic premise behind a raw food diet is that cooking and processing foods generally decreases their digestibility and vitamin and mineral density, as well as their overall health-promoting qualities.A well-balanced, vegan, raw diet contains the full complement of vitamins and minerals necessary for good nutrition while also eliminating the physical stress caused by calorie-dense, nutrient-poor cooked foods, preservatives and additives commonly found in them. Raw food diets are known to assist in the recovery of various diseases such as diabetes, chronic fatigue disorders, immune system deficiencies, and cancer. 

The creativity in raw foods as a type of cuisine comes from blending, soaking, marinating, slicing, dicing, drying at low temperatures, and incorporating fresh herbs and spices. This can be done in innovative ways whilst still preserving the food’s integrity.

Raw Desserst

Is it really possible to make great tasting desserts without using gluten, dairy or refined sugar? Yes it is!

We make all of our desserts from scratch with time, love, patience and wholesome raw ingredients so you can have your cake and eat it!